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Do you have a financial model?

Around the world, it’s fair to say that right now is probably the most critical time for planning and optimisation that your business has ever had the bad luck to sail into. And it’s also true that in challenging times there are opportunities. Planning is crucial — this we know. If you’re running an enterprise…

Research | Analysis | Visualisation | Automation

We love solving problems. From helping you choose and build out data management software, to getting more out of data services you already subscribe to, to desktop studies, research projects and predicting possible futures, Innokas has ideas for you.

Data Services

Innokas offers a range of data services for small and medium enterprises. We help you understand what your data could tell you, connect your data sources together online, and create useful, automated reporting:

  • Database structure and hosting choices
  • Data literacy and analysis of your current situation
  • Dashboard development and management
  • Automated error checking and revision

Research Services

Innokas provides a modular full suite of research services. We can provide full research project management, or drop in for any sections you need to outsource.

  • Literature reviews and white papers
  • Protocol development; formal research questions
  • Physical and survey research design and layout
  • Statistical design and analysis
  • Reporting

Innokas solves problems with small businesses, universities, government departments, NGOs and more. Some of our clients and partners:

Meet Innokas

Established in 2012, Innokas Intellectual Services is an independent consultancy specialising in data management and research services for small and medium enterprises. We leverage 20 years of experience in creative problem-solving, strategy development, data analysis and communication to unlock data potential. Numbers crunched in Victoria, for clients around the globe.

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