Data Science: What's in it for me?

Every enterprise creates data. Every contact, every sale, every transaction is being recorded, and the records are data. If you do process-based work, you’re probably recording (deliberately or accidentally) how long it takes to do different jobs. The world is well into a new paradigm of enterprise data: it’s the very definition of the Information Age. It can be overwhelming—and rightly so, because the data is piling up at a rate that humans often can’t efficiently do anything with.

Just as we can automate the collecting of all this data, we can also store, sort, and automate analysis and presentation of that same data, and responses to data too: automated emails, billing, marketing, reporting and more are commonplace in bigger businesses, but can be complex to set up and use effectively.

Innokas can set up data solutions using cloud software like Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, Grow, and Microsoft Power BI, helping you understand what your data could tell you, connecting your data sources together online, and producing useful, automated reporting in live dashboards and automated reports. This is the stuff you can use to grow your business, communicate rapidly with stakeholders, and troubleshoot early.

Our data science services can help you know:

  • where your business is most profitable
  • what your sustainability impacts are, and where you can make useful change
  • what your margins are
  • which activities have unexpected costs
  • how you might change your customer mix to increase profitability
  • what the effects of change are likely to be on the bottom line
  • how any of these might vary geographically
  • the cost and effectiveness of discount programs or subscription models
  • what the gaps are in your business information

The good news is that you’re almost certainly collecting much of the data you need to answer these questions already. Our job is to pull it together and get it to tell its story to you, and to automate that process so you get continuous access to the answers you need.