About Data Science

Data Science—We’ve Got Your Numbers

In the last few years, software startups have caught up to the data movement. Once upon a time big business used in-house experts to build data science back ends and applications to harness rapid data understanding. The ability to automate business tasks based on data was only available to companies who could afford the in-house expertise. Then, large software companies built and sold very expensive database software to work with company data. SAP and other, similar data environments were (and are) great for businesses that can afford them and the staff to run them properly.

Now, however, flexible startups offer a fleet of affordable subscription-based (and even free) web apps that store, track, import, sort, share and display business data in all sorts of useful, user-definable ways, and they can do it all automatically, in real time.

Big businesses, and some medium-sized enterprises, can afford to retain in-house staff with the skills and time to source, program and manage these data apps, but for smaller businesses it often doesn’t make sense to retain this expertise full time. This is where we come in. We create data solutions using cloud software like Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, Grow, and Microsoft BI, helping you understand what your data could tell you, connecting your data sources together online, and producing useful, automated reporting in live dashboards and PDFs. This is the stuff you can use to grow your business, communicate rapidly with staff and stakeholders, and troubleshoot early.