Modelling answers the question ‘what if..?’. What happens to the bottom line if fixed costs go up 15 percent next year? What happens to profit if we can get 10 percent more income per customer? What’s the environmental cost likely to be if we switch this material for that one?

Putting assumptions into a fixed mathematical model means we create a tool for predicting likely outcomes without having to risk making the change first. It gives us ammunition for decision-making, and means we’re not just relying on convincing word-salads in making our business choices. The numbers work together to give us a greater degree of certainty.

With over 15 years’ experience in data modelling, Innokas has the capacity to answer ‘what if?’ for whatever your ‘if’ may be. We can model financials, processes, environmental outcomes, system effectiveness, and more, and create tools that just answer one question once, or can be used as decision support tools for strategic management over the long term. Information about the future isn’t perfect, but it’s powerful.